Lease Returns

Got dings, scratches, or stains?

Lease Return Clean Up $199 and up

The value of your vehicle can decrease if it is dirty and not maintained. When you return your car, your lease company or a subcontractor will carry out a lease return inspection to assess damage and wear for which you will be charged. Leasing companies also look at small scratches and stone chips when you return the vehicle and may be subject to an extra charge. Our lease return package is highly recommended to help save you any out of pocket costs.


  • Exterior hand wash and dry
  • Interior shampoo and cleaning
  • Seats, mats, carpets, trunk
  • Vacuum interior and trunk/cargo
  • Engine cleaning and shine
  • Exterior waxing and buffing
  • Surface scratch removal
  • Tire and rim cleaning
  • Windows cleaned
  • Consoles, dashboard, compartments
  • Clean and condition leather
  • Tasteful touch-up rock chip and door edges

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